How To Apply Your PRETTYSPOILT Wig

Follow our simple step by step guide below to apply your lace front wig seamlessly.


Step 1:  Secure your hair against your hair in braids. If you cannot braid, simple plaits will be fine, but the flatter the hair is the better the wig will fit.

pin braid

Step 2: Use bobby pins to secure each braid to your head.  One per braid should be enough.


Step 3:  Apply your wig cap, ensuring all of your hair, including baby hairs are tucked in. The edge of the wig cap should sit right along the edge of your hairline.


Step 4:  Check that you are happy with the wigs hairline.  For tips on customising your wigs hairline to your own hair, click here.


Step 5:  Carefully cut along the hairline to remove the excess late.  Try to use slightly zigzagged cuts in order to make the hairline uneven for a more natural finish.  Don’t be afraid that you will cut away some hair, it wont notice if you do as the more imperfect the hairline, the better.


Step 6:  Turn your wig inside out, and use your PRETTYSPOILT lace brush to apply a coat of your own foundation to the inside of the lace cap.  This helps the colour blend in with your personal skin tone.  Once applied, use a hairspray to help is set in place.


Step 7:  Give your wig a thorough brush to remove any tangles.  You are now ready to apply your wig.


Step 8:  Apply your wig.  You can do this by either holding the wig against the back of your head and pulling it forward, or by holding the front of the wig again your hairline and pulling the wig over your head.  Which ever feels more natural for you.


Step 9:  There are four slides inside your wig cap, use these to slide into your hair UNDER your wig cap, in order to keep the wig in place.

3-07-2019- prettyspoilt08912

Step 10:  Apply a strip of wig tape to secure your wig.  Apply to the middle of your forehead, as close to your hairline as possible, and if you like extra secure you can also apply one to each side around the temples.  Always perform a skin test before applying directly to the skin.

3-07-2019- prettyspoilt06622

Step 11:  For a more secure fit you can use Got2Be gel.  Apply a thin layer directly around your hairline and wig cap.  You must wait until the gel is tacky before applying your wig.  You can speed up this process using the cool setting on your hairdryer.

3-07-2019- prettyspoilt06552

Step 12:  Got2Be Freeze Spray is another option, it is not as strong as the gel, but easy to apply and dries faster.  Much like the gel, you must apply directly around your hairline and on the wig cap, wait until the spray is tacky, and the apply the wig.

3-07-2019- prettyspoilt09022

Step 13:  Your wigs baby hairs may need some styling in order for them to look perfect, as shipping can make them a little unruly.  Use an edges brush to brush your baby hairs into place.  You can use a very very small amount of hairspray or gel to set the hairs in place.

3-07-2019- prettyspoilt09322

Step 14:  Once you are happy with the position of your baby hairs, apply your PRETTYSPOILT baby hairs band to allow the hairs to dry in place whilst you finish getting ready.


Step 15:  Slay Queen.

Extra Tips For A Seamless Finish


Tip 1:  Apply more of your foundation to the parting, and around the hairline to blend the edge of the lace into your natural skin tone.


Tip 2:  If you don’t have the time to secure your wig and just need a quick fix for the gram, a bobby pin is a fast way to keep things in place.


Tip 3:  Everything you need to lay your wig like a pro can be found in our handy wig kit.