Multi-tonal chocolate brown, Snatched is a waist length wavy queen.

27″ inch wig with a 6 inch parting.

Bespoke extra large lace front to allow for styling, our wigs are the most versatile yet.

With a natural pre-plucked hairline and baby hairs, our premium synthetic range is the quickest way to change up your look.

All wigs have a one size fits all adjustable strap, making our wigs simple to fit, even for those trying for the first time.

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Colour: Classic Brunette
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6 Inch Parting

Compared to most other wigs which have a 2 inch parting, all PRETTYSPOILT wigs have a long and natural 6 inch parting.  Our partings are wider to mimic your natural hair, and they are also sparser in order to see a natural amount of scalp.  Partings which are tight, short and dense are often a clear give away that you are wearing a wig, therefore we have eliminated this problem in our design


As the lace panel of our wigs is wide, it gives you the flexibility to move your parting should you wish too.  It is recommended for ease that you leave the parting as it is, or that you simple swivel the positioning of the wig in order for it to sit in a different position, however if you wish you can use a hairdryer on a low setting the part the hair in the position you prefer, and use the heat from the hairdryer to set it in place.

FREE Wig Cap

All of our wigs come with 2 FREE wig caps, in order to mask your natural hair colour and give a skin like appearance.  Wearing a wig cap also helps the wig to sit flat and comfortable against the head, and give added security when securing the wig clips.

Natural Hairline

Gone are the days of wigs with a solid dense hairline.  PRETTYSPOILT wigs come preplucked, which means the hairline resembles your natural hair by being thinner and uneven.  Natural hairlines are rarely dense, and is a telltale sign for wig wearers, which is why PRETTYSPOILT wigs are the only choice.


Customisable Baby Hairs

As well as a preplucked hairline, PRETTYSPOILT wigs comes with baby hairs.  We have designed the baby hairs so that these can be matched to your own hairline very easily.  You can either leave them as they are, or you can easily customise them with minimal effort, check out our video on customising your baby hairs here.

Baby Hairs



Classic Brunette

Hair Material



Long Wavy

Lace Material

Swiss Lace


27 inches

Parting Length

6 Inches


150% Density


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